change grain direction of face frame

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change grain direction of face frame

Postby Chris B Campbell » Sat, May 04 2013, 9:29AM

Is it possible to change the grain direction of a sheet type face frame (top and bottom rails to have a vertical grain)


Dennis Englert

Re: change grain direction of face frame

Postby Dennis Englert » Tue, May 07 2013, 8:08AM

There are no grain direction options in face frames.

For appearance: You can create a material that uses a jpg with the grain rotated. IrfranView is a graphics application, so you should be able to manipulate a copy of a texture image that you want. Then create a material with that texture. The image that I used didn't look the greatest, but possibly something with a more defined grain will be fine.

For machining: When I created a sheet material that was 48" length and 96" in width, the nest looked like it might be correct, but in Control Nesting (the machine) it is not.

If you are machining out of 4'x8' material possibly you can cut the sheet into a 4'x4' sheet. Then filter the loaded job to include only the cross-grain face frame components. Rotate the material (crossgrain) on the table and machine it.

There may be other solutions (or work arounds) that others can suggest.


PS. Control Nesting also lets you filter by material, so you can easily pull out just the crossgrained material.

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