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Scott Marshburn
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Feature request

Postby Scott Marshburn » Sun, May 05 2013, 1:29PM

I was wandering if it would be possible to have a option to select a part in cabinet editor and have a option to set the grain direction for that part as well as a option for that part to have no grain at all. For example some stretchers could be set to no grain and then be nested as such to maximize materiel usage. Without having to use a different material that is set to no grain?

Jon Dieterlen
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Re: Feature request

Postby Jon Dieterlen » Sat, May 11 2013, 9:19PM

That is one complaint i have with the nesting/optimizing. Some parts such as stretchers, backs, toe kicks, and loose toe bases need to have the option of allowing the part to be rotated if the grain on that part doesn't matter. It can have a significant impact on material yield. Especially when cutting backs and drawer bottoms.


Chris B Campbell
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Re: Feature request

Postby Chris B Campbell » Tue, May 14 2013, 10:18AM

I think this for a different reason kind of address's my question about grain direction for a sheet cut (puzzle joint) Face frame construction.
We are getting quite a few customers who are interested in cabinets that have ALL grain running in a vertical direction (Top, mid, and bottom rails included). Can't do it. At least not without a bunch of waste and having to cut and swap sheet direction for the rails only.
It seems this is becoming a big trend, sure would be nice to have this option ;-)


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