Drawer Box Clamp?

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Chris B Campbell
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Drawer Box Clamp?

Postby Chris B Campbell » Tue, Jul 16 2013, 10:29AM

Hey All,
probably not the right forum but I could not find a better one ;-)

Any of you guys that are building your own drawer boxes using a clamping system to assemble them. We are spending a ridiculous amount of time in the assembly stage. I was looking at clamping machines but not sure how well they will work with this type of joinery?


Forrest Chapman
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Re: Drawer Box Clamp?

Postby Forrest Chapman » Wed, Jul 24 2013, 10:05AM

Hi Chris, we use our Ritter case clamp after the loose assembly by hand. I'm collecting odd parts to build a smaller simpler easel clamp for this. It will allow for the parts to be set in place and then clamped together in a single stroke. The main challenge with any type clamp is alignment of all the joints before clamping.


Leo Graywacz
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Re: Drawer Box Clamp?

Postby Leo Graywacz » Sat, Aug 03 2013, 10:29PM

You didn't mention if you were doing dovetails or not. But if you are just make them a little tight and they are self clamping. If not, squeeze clamps are nice and quick.
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Re: Drawer Box Clamp?

Postby BenRatt » Sun, Aug 18 2013, 10:38PM

I have a JLT drawer box clamp that works great for our doweled boxes. Found it on eBay and got a good deal on it. It will work for dovetailed boxes too.
Ben Ratterree
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