Design Lock?

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Design Lock?

Postby Scott Marshburn » Fri, Aug 16 2013, 8:09AM

Could someone please explain how the design lock users and Groups works? I did find more info when I went to file design Lock add design and clicked on The (?) So if I set up a user lets say with the name of Fred and give him a account number and then disallow him from Lets say library ABC Then I give him a couple of library's along with the one I have him disallowed from that I have designed on my computer to put on his computer how does the program know who is using those library's? How do you prevent him from changing his self to be allowed? Maybe I have not Quiet got my head around this yet but I was thinking in terms of Excel and the way it has Protection for workbooks as well as worksheets.Workboooks beaning Libraries and worksheets being Cabinets. Thus Prompting the user (any user) to enter a pass word in order to Modify The cabinet or adjust Parameters of That cabinet that you have protected. such as with Excel you could allow users to select Cabinets, resize cabinets etc. based on the locks you have set for that cabinet and or Library. Is this the way this feature works?
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