Sharing libraries and relavent info via Dropbox

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Forrest Chapman
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Sharing libraries and relavent info via Dropbox

Postby Forrest Chapman » Tue, Sep 17 2013, 4:21PM

So I'm setting up some of my cabinet libraries to share via Dropbox. In order to do this certain things like hardware holes have to also be linked. The main issue I'm having is I need to keep the main folders in my Ecabinets directory but link to the ones in the dropbox. This way whenever I make changes or additions to the libraries they are automatically updated on my dropbox as well as my customers. Does anyone know the easiest way to do this?


Daniel Odom
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Re: Sharing libraries and relavent info via Dropbox

Postby Daniel Odom » Wed, Sep 18 2013, 9:44AM

I think you'd have to copy all data from C:\Users\Public\Documents\Thermwood\eCabinet Systems and place in your dropbox in a folder called "Person A ecab data folder" and use it as your default directory. Person B would have to do the same thing only name theirs "Person B ecab data folder". You then share your Person A ecab folder with Person B. Person B then only has to switch to the "Person A ecab data folder (shared)" in the program whenever you want to view the shared data. Only put the data you're willing to share in your "Person A ecab data folder (shared)" and when you're done you can just switch back to your default un-shared directory if you are worried about data being over-written. You could prob. write a script to automate the process with a hotkey that copies data from your real directory to the shared with the press of a button. Autohotkey is great for that type of thing. The only catch is that the ecab data folder is quite large so you'll either need dropbox pro or use a free service with more space like google drive etc.

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