Cant get the training videos to play.

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Cant get the training videos to play.

Postby Greg Pound » Sun, Dec 29 2013, 4:13PM

This is really frustrating. I'm making the move to CNC and its going to require an upgrade for my current software (CV). It comes with a hefty price tag. I thought the solution might be going to eCabinet since Thermwood is on my shortlist of routers.

So fast forward. I download ecabinet, send in my 25.00 for the video lessons and can't get a single one of them to play on any of the 3 computers I have, or my kindle for that matter. One is XP, and 2 are Vista. Ecabinet actually have a page dedicated to help fix the problem but after 2 hours of nothing I got frustrated and said the heck with it. Now I just want my money back and voila, no way to contact or unsubscribe.

I hope someone can point me to and easy fix or how to get my money back for some videos I can't even watch. Sheesh, you would think they could make a movie file that would play on Windows, huh?

Sorry for the rant but just wasted 3 hours of my life for nothing.


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