Software & Hardware Upgrade

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Ted Ski
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Software & Hardware Upgrade

Postby Ted Ski » Tue, Mar 25 2014, 4:14PM

I'm a small shop, 3 employes, doing strickly custom cabintry (NO Kitchens). I design almost all of my work. I've been using ecabinets for sometime now. ( 5 years +). Recently, like others, I've had to update to 6 Build 13 and I'm having issues. I'm runing Windows XP on a 2ghz processor and an old old graphcs card! Everything accept the monitor should be in a museum, and I'm willing to admitt most of my issues are directly related to XP and hardware. Now I'm having more issues than before, and there all similar to the issues I see posted on this forum. I didn't pay a nickle for the ecabinet software. Its done me well and I have no reasons to complain. I'm upgrading as we speak. I'd like to hear from some of you guys who are running Build 13 on Thermwood reccomended hardware. What are your issues pro and con ?

Thanks much

Rick Palechuk
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Re: Software & Hardware Upgrade

Postby Rick Palechuk » Wed, Mar 26 2014, 9:14AM

Hi Ted,

This is the link to the recommended computer specs. ... system.htm

Ted Illi
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Re: Software & Hardware Upgrade

Postby Ted Illi » Wed, Mar 26 2014, 1:46PM

Thanks much for the reply. I do have this information already and I'm in the process of talking with the "woodworking computer world", other shops, about ecabinets, as well as other software on the market. What I'd like to know is how well ecabinets runs on Thermwood recommended computer specs? Since I'm upgrading I want to upgrade to what's best for my applications. I think now that I'm a buyer gives me the right to ask a few questions, and based on what problems I see being posted on this forum, and my personal experience with ecabinets, may not make it the best choice for me. What I'm asking is likes and dislikes of business people, not hobbiest, who run ecabinets software 6 Build 13 on Thermwoods specs. and how they like its' interface to their shop floor.


JR Allen
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Re: Software & Hardware Upgrade

Postby JR Allen » Wed, Mar 26 2014, 5:13PM

Hi Ted,
Being an ecabinets newbie, I also experienced a few annoying errors with XP and I also have years old desktop and monitor. I recently purchased a laptop that would fit eCabinets recommend and I must say it was worth the $519 investment, I think you would find the graphics much faster and no hardware worries for another few years. For me it was kind of a no brainer, I use other software that costs me that much or more a year ( which I will not be renewing ) and try to find a program that does the same thing for the same price. I'd invest in the new system, you won't regret it and probably a lot more familiar than you might expect.

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