Face Frame pricing structure

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Face Frame pricing structure

Postby Forrest Chapman » Sat, Apr 12 2014, 11:35AM

The current method of pricing faceframes in ecabs is lacking in one fundamental way. The clearest example I can think of is to compare 2 frames. One that is 4" rails and stiles with only 4 parts, and the other that has 1" rails and stiles but also has 2 mid rails and 2 mid stiles. The software sees both frames in terms of materials used with no consideration of the extra amount of labor that is required to machine the extra parts or to assemble the extra joints. There are 4 joints in the first frame and 12 joints in the second frame. One way to account for this is to add the option of pocket screw joints to the face frames. I'm not suggesting machining these but it will give us the ability to apply a pocket screw count and cost to each joint.


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