How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

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Pat Gilbert
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How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

Postby Pat Gilbert » Wed, Oct 22 2014, 3:55PM

I'm checking out Ecabinets I was wondering about submittals for commercial work.

Second question is how is it speed wise?

I have been using Auto Cad with an add on called smartlister which is good for store fixtures but painfully slow for one off type work.

I see programs that are super cheap and super fast but I'm sure with limited custom abilities. Which is what seems interesting regarding Ecabinet.

tim lucas
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Re: How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

Postby tim lucas » Fri, Oct 24 2014, 3:47AM

eCabs is awesome! We use it for commercial case work and retail / wholesale kitchens - we have even created toy boxes with it.
We started with just using the nesting for manual cuts but now we use there CNC cutting through a Shopbot 48x96.
Wish we could afford one of Thermwoods machines and we will in the future! :beer:
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Scott Marshburn
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Re: How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

Postby Scott Marshburn » Mon, Oct 27 2014, 5:21PM

Hi Pat. In my opinion you cannot beat eCabinets. I do however strongly suggest that I you choose this program that you subscribe to their online videos. Hind sight being 20/20 I would have done this when they came out with it. This program has very good presentation capabilities as well as customizing capabilities. That is if you know your way around it. It does take practice and experimenting. But as I said There Online Videos will defiantly reduce the learning curve. I would be lost without it.
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Derek Kruzner
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Re: How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

Postby Derek Kruzner » Thu, Oct 30 2014, 4:23PM

Hey Pat!

Are you talking about dimensioned drawings for submital to clients / contractors? If so, I would say that that is one area where eCabs is lacking. You can create great line drawings (elevations and overheads) but you would have to add dimensions manually. You would also have to create your own "approval / submission" boxes on the drawings if you need that.
The program is great and I've been using it for many years. I find it's quite user friendly in spite of what some say. Ya, it may take some time getting around, but like Scott said, there are plenty of tutorials and the forums are vast help.
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Re: How is Ecabinet on Submitals?

Postby BenRatt » Thu, Oct 30 2014, 8:10PM

You can forget it for AWI quality submittals. It's just not what is was designed to do. We do our shop drawings in autocad and all our programming and machining with ecabs and autocad by exporting a dxf for special parts. And we do have a TW router. I have saved $$$$$ by using ecabs over the last 8 years. I would never shell out 20-30K+ for the other software systems.
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