Drawer Box Setup - Antaro, Metabox, etc

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Drawer Box Setup - Antaro, Metabox, etc

Postby Mark Hesketh » Fri, Nov 07 2014, 8:30AM

When creating drawer boxes, is there a way to lock dimensions (height and depth) of just the actual drawer box so that when you are using drawer systems with metal sides you can just insert the drawer box without needing to adjust the depth or height increments? So that the drawer box parts will always fit the standard drawer sides? For these drawer systems, the heights and depths need to remain static, regardless of the depth or height of the opening. I'd love to make a 500dp shallow drawer or 500dp deep drawer and know that I will be able to adjust the cabinet sizes without worrying that the drawer bottom and back will no longer fit the hardware.

I understand that you can set the min increments when inserting the drawers, but I am trying to find a simple way for multiple users of varying abilities to be able to add drawers of varying heights and depths within the same cabinet with minimal need to adjust min increments or insets for every one.

(I have even tried creating an oversized model drawer box and cutting and constraining the bottom and back, but when you add that to a cabinet it shoves the back all the way back and you loose the visual representation that we will need from time to time)

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