Would be a nice feature in next version

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Donald Thomson
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Would be a nice feature in next version

Postby Donald Thomson » Thu, Mar 26 2015, 2:55PM

When working in the different editors I hide parts so I can work on parts behind it. I make a change to something - like constructions settings - and all the hiding I did gets undone.

It would be really nice for the software to remember which parts have been hidden when doing regeneration. When you exit the editor then unhide the parts. But while in the editor keep them hidden unless user explicitly unhides them using the context menu.

Would be a huge time saver.


Don Thomson
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Leo Graywacz
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Re: Would be a nice feature in next version

Postby Leo Graywacz » Wed, Apr 01 2015, 11:04PM

There seem to be a few things that aren't remembered when you go back. Along with that same thought is when you are in the nesting area and you highlight a pc of plywood to look at the parts within and then you go back you are at the top of the page again.

When you put crown on a cabinet and then you go back all the input numbers are nowhere to be found, so you are forced to remember what you inputted.
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