Problem grouping drawer fronts

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Problem grouping drawer fronts

Postby Jason Gooch » Wed, Apr 22 2015, 7:22PM

Hi folks - trying to group the drawer fronts of this cabinet so they come from the same sheet of material. The drawers are not adjacent to each other, which seems to be throwing off the software - when I try to nest, it tells me it's unable to nest those drawer fronts. When I group them separately (ie: each bank of drawers has it's own group) they nest fine, however they end up on different sheets.

This is also happening when grouping non-adjacent fronts in an assembly. The bench cabinet has 3 stacks of drawers, I want to match the two outside stacks but the software flips out and says it can't nest. Are these glitches, or just not possible?

I'll attach the cabinets - thanks - Jason
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