Onion skin feed speed link setting

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Tim Massa
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Onion skin feed speed link setting

Postby Tim Massa » Tue, May 05 2015, 1:20PM

Hello people,

Could someone refresh my memory on what the setting is to control the rate of speed on the onion skin pass in the Ecab Link? I remembered it being the '% Full Feed for Through Cuts' field in the Cut Parameters settings. This has no effect and the program defaults to the 2.23"/sec. speed for the onion. Frustrating. I've been poking around in the other settings but have not stumbled on anything else that could change this setting. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Onion skin feed speed link setting

Postby tim lucas » Tue, May 05 2015, 2:08PM

What is your Min Feed Rate set at ?? You also have last line feed speed
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