Construction Settings Suggestion

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Tracey Marini
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Construction Settings Suggestion

Postby Tracey Marini » Wed, May 06 2015, 5:57AM

I was thinking that it would be nice if, for example, you have three adjustable shelves in a cabinet each with difference properties/settings that if you went into the cabinet and selected one of the shelves and went into the construction settings it would give you the properties/settings for the specific shelf, not the properties/settings of the last settings entered. This would hold true for any of the construction settings categories.
Tracey Marini
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Thomas strembitsky
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Re: Construction Settings Suggestion

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Wed, May 06 2015, 10:54AM

I agree trying to remember the different setting between multiple shelves gets old fast

also when hitting the apply to all button could we have it so it only effects left and right sides and doesn't activate the back holes.
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