additional rendering issues

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additional rendering issues

Postby Ralph Balanik » Thu, May 14 2015, 2:06PM

Good afternoon,
A couple of weeks ago I was trying to change a door style on a job to which texture match was applied. Even though a message confirming thathat the change had been made it would not render the new door in the color selected. It applied the texture match I had made previously to the new door. I found out that a texture match would continue to be rendered on the new door style by design of the software.

After responding to a question regarding changing KD fittings I tried to make a global change to KD fittings on one of my own jobs. I tried to remove the KD holes applied to a cabinet using both "Adj features" and "Global item modification". I got the message that the change had been made successfully on all attempts. This job had also had texture match changes made to it. When I tried to render the cabinet to see if I had removed the KD hole pattern the render still showed the hole pattern was still there even though the message said that they had been removed.

My question is --- (finally!) when texture match is applied does it prevent other changes such as hole patterns from rendering the change using "Adj Features" or "Global item modification", or are there some global changes that require special procedures?

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