multi-piece components

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Stuart Douglas
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multi-piece components

Postby Stuart Douglas » Thu, Aug 06 2015, 7:51AM

Here's a great idea ;)

I often need to make cabinet components in more than one piece because of stock size limitations. Mostly cabinet backs (open cabinets) or sides (tall narrow Cabinets). It would be great if there was a function to split a cabinet component in half or even better on a partition or shelf inside the unit but still preserve the joinery for the piece as a whole. it is easy to add a piece to an assembly to make a larger one when the piece is square and has no joinery, but on cabinets with more going on for each piece, I need to make a phantom cabinet just to get the remainder of that one piece. Just a thought. TIA!

Mark Hesketh
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Re: multi-piece components

Postby Mark Hesketh » Thu, Aug 06 2015, 9:19AM

I agree. It would be great to be able to build say a 9' tall cabinet and set a cut point so that you could cut it from 8' sheets and joint the parts after cutting. An option to set a cut height on individual parts from top or bottom would be helpful to avoid needing to add phantom cabinets.

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