no rta holes

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Tom Peckham
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no rta holes

Postby Tom Peckham » Tue, Sep 08 2015, 4:39PM

Recently when I choose lock dado I am no longer getting the holes for the rta fitting. Any idea what could be the cause? All was fine in the same job until the last few cabinets.

Zach Froble
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Re: no rta holes

Postby Zach Froble » Wed, Sep 09 2015, 7:50AM

Make sure you have the kd fitting associated to the cabinet/cabinet parts for those cabinets. You can also associate different hardware hole patterns with the same kd fittings. For example on cabinets without finished ends I made a new hole pattern and deleted the large kd hole and made the 5mm drill hole a through hole. We can assemble the cabinets and rather than clamp just screw them together.
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