Image libraries

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Rob Nute
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Image libraries

Postby Rob Nute » Thu, Sep 10 2015, 5:41AM

Hi there, after not using ecabinets for a long time and getting back into it on a new system that seems to be working great I am designing some jobs that I have to quote. One is a sideboard for a dining room and I wanted to do some really good presentation images for the customer. I am wondering where I can find a good image of a table to put in the room, the display objects folder doesn't have one and I have never tried to find 3d ( HSF?) images and add them into ecabs. I would like to have more choice of display objects so I was wondering if there are other downloadable libraries for ecabs or how to go about finding and installing images. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Scott Marshburn
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Re: Image libraries

Postby Scott Marshburn » Thu, Sep 10 2015, 5:04PM

Hi Rob
I do have a table that I am willing to share wit you. However It will not alow me to lode it onto this forum if you could Pm me I can email it to you. I made it in eCabinets and saved it as an hsf file. You might also try searching the Customer 3d files forum here viewforum.php?f=5 Also if you have sketchup there a lot of models on their 3d model warehouse that you can convert to a stl file then load that file into the display part editor. There you can add textures and save it as an hsf file. Here is a video on how you can do that.
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