DXF and shape manager

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Bill Collier
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DXF and shape manager

Postby Bill Collier » Fri, Sep 11 2015, 3:19PM

I created a drawing using AutoCAD 2011 LT and saved it in AutoCAD 2000 DXF format. The drawing contains nothing but lines, arcs and circles. AutoCAD indicates that 20 objects are found when the entire drawing is selected. When I import the drawing into the shape manager, I do not see anything. I do not receive any error messages. Also, shape manager indicates that 21 entities are present. I went back into AutoCAD and moved the drawing to 0,0 and re-saved. This did not change the results when I import the DXF into shape manager. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

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Scott Marshburn
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Re: DXF and shape manager

Postby Scott Marshburn » Fri, Sep 11 2015, 4:29PM

Hi Bill. Would it be possible to post the dxf file? I do not have AutoCAD But I can open the dxf file in draftsight and take a look at it

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Kerry Fullington
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Re: DXF and shape manager

Postby Kerry Fullington » Fri, Sep 11 2015, 6:53PM

Try saving the .dxf as an AutoCAD R12 file and see if it will open.

If that doesn't work you might try exploding the file in AutoCAD then save it as an AutoCAD R12 .DXF.

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