inserting items in cabinets

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David Kopriva
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inserting items in cabinets

Postby David Kopriva » Thu, Oct 29 2015, 11:12AM

I want to insert items such as pulls and hinges in my cabinets. When I go to the item page it brings me to hardware settings. I enter my hardware information but it does not let me see the bottom of the page where I guess there is an "ok" icon or "accept" icon. I can't seem to save any of my settings. Any help? :(

Rick Deskins
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Re: inserting items in cabinets

Postby Rick Deskins » Thu, Oct 29 2015, 1:42PM

I believe what you are doing is going to the hinge or pulls tab in the item window and then clicking the Not Set icon to bring up the Select Hardware dialog. Once that dialog show, you do not see the Select button at the bottom. This is probably because you have large fonts on in windows. (I will see if I can adjust the dialog to fix this problem) But You can still select a hardware item by double clicking on the hardware item in the Select Hardware Dialog. This will bring up the Edit Hardware Dialog. There is a select button on that dialog that will allow you to set the hardware on your cabinet.
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