Display object help

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Nicolas Barbeito
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Display object help

Postby Nicolas Barbeito » Mon, Nov 02 2015, 11:26AM

Hey guys,

First time trying this. A customer is getting all thermador appliances. Now they nicely provide all sorts of cad images for their items. But my final prodcut when loading as a display object is about 300" wide. I have no idea how it happened or what I did. Any help? Thanks

1. Went to this address Thermador Link
2. Downloaded the .dxf format under the cad file tab
3. Converted it to and stl file using both Accutrans3d (downloaded accu just for this, also first time) and an online free translator
4. Loaded it in Display part editor, changed color and saved.
5. Brought object into room and it was 300+ inches!!!!


Scott Marshburn
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Re: Display object help

Postby Scott Marshburn » Mon, Nov 02 2015, 12:27PM

You can scale the display part in the display part editor. Load the object in the display part editor. Left click on it then select scale. Be sure to check preserve aspect ratio.
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Mark McCallum
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Re: Display object help

Postby Mark McCallum » Tue, Nov 03 2015, 6:56AM

Hi Nicholas.
Another way if you are in the cabinet assembly editor is to highlight the object (Green hatch) right click and select scale object.

Then either save it as an assembly or associate it to a cabinet and save the cabinet.

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