Shelf Hole Suggestion

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Shelf Hole Suggestion

Postby Shaun Just » Wed, Nov 04 2015, 11:12PM


Just a small suggestion that would be quite handy, being able to offset the position of the shelf hole ie from the bottom of the shelf, as we use shelf studs that have a 5mm high plastic support from the steel pin so I need to offset the hole by 5mm to make the shelf centre of the cabinet.

I know I can do what I'm wanting to do by offsetting the height of the shelf by 5mm in the shelf editor, but mainly for the looks and me remembering to offset the shelf by 5mm instead of centering it of the cabinet, or another way I have been doing is by making it a fixed shelf and making a KD/RTA pattern that has the offset.

Wanting to offset the shelf hole 5mm lower than the shelf

What I do currently with a KD/RTA pattern and by making it a fixed shelf

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