Creating Counter-tops

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Creating Counter-tops

Postby Michael Yeargain » Thu, Nov 19 2015, 12:00PM

Just wondering if any of you use the Counter top editor to create counter tops in eCabinets. And maybe it's been covered?

I specifically am wondering if any of you have or have had a difficult time creating CTs for the corner cabinets where the kitchen set has fillers, instead of a ie 22 1/2deg cabinet against the wall.

I was using fillers and found that my CT's weren't actually lining up to the fronts of the cabinets. So I was getting about "3/4" difference between one end, and the corner because of the depth of the cabinets.


And now with the cabinet here I get a perfect corner.


Took a bit to figure this out but I got it. Using a corner cabinet I sized the depth at 24" and added display boards as though they were the face frame. Because the face frame was not allowing the node to connect at the very center of the corner cabinet. Now it will connect at the center. I also use 12" width from wall edge so my cabinets still maintain 3" increments off the center cabinet. Now that I have the CT's created, I delete the corner cabinet and insert my fillers.


Hope this adds to knowledge base.
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