Wish list (EDITED) lol

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Wish list (EDITED) lol

Postby Michael Yeargain » Mon, Nov 23 2015, 5:42PM

I know I know.. another "wish I had..."

But first I gotta say the software has improved dramatically. It also appears less issues are being reported as in times past. Something us older ecab users are quite familiar with. LOL

Here is my thought in a future build.

When installing cabinets in the layout, allow for a resize before placement. Such as [Do you want to resize?] button just when you click the item. Exactly like the add dialog when adding to batch. Just a thought.

as always thanks guys for such wonderful work!


I am leaving this post instead of deleting it. Reason I am sure you already know, there IS an edit button !!

Guess getting old sneaks up on ya when you're out playing in the rain.
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