French Cleat - how to edge profile a stretcher

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Greg Julius
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French Cleat - how to edge profile a stretcher

Postby Greg Julius » Sun, Apr 03 2016, 2:16AM

I've poked around some, but I don't yet see how to make a french cleat out of the top nailing stretcher on my upper cabinet. Can anyone point me to the proper place to put an edge profile on a stretcher? Related to that, what are the proper angles that should be used? I was just thinking 45 degrees and perhaps fillet/chamfer the sharp edge a bit.

Thanks, and I promise that's the last question for the night!

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Kerry Fullington
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Re: French Cleat - how to edge profile a stretcher

Postby Kerry Fullington » Sun, Apr 03 2016, 7:55AM


If you want to cut the part on a router you will probably need to create a v-bit tool and profile the edge in the part editor. You would then need to set up that tool in the Profile Modeler at the control.
You can use the same process if you just want it for display purposes but you will probably find it is not worth the time it takes.

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