Is it possible to subtract rolling nest savings

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Jesse Ogburn
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Is it possible to subtract rolling nest savings

Postby Jesse Ogburn » Thu, Apr 07 2016, 5:52AM

Good morning,
I had this question and maybe someone has an insight or maybe it's early and I'm missing something!

Why doesn't the rolling nest savings that I see on the nest diagrams get subtracted from the batch costing report? Or maybe why don't I have the option to figure that way?

If the job is large and takes lots of sheets it doesn't matter so much because if there is a half a sheet left over it gets divided up into the 25 sheets we used on the job and kinda gets diluted away. The problem comes when I price something small for a customer like a 30" vanity with 2 drawers. The drawers only use a fraction of the sheet but the customer pays for part of the sheet they used plus the remainder that they don't get. Like I said, this pricing model works great for large jobs but it makes a small job look extremely expensive.

Is there some way, other than manually with a calculator, to get a report that reflects the total cost minus the rolling nest savings?


JR Allen
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Re: Is it possible to subtract rolling nest savings

Postby JR Allen » Fri, Apr 08 2016, 8:51AM

I do a lot of one off cabinets and found it easy to take the cabinet to the editor and select the costs sheet, which should give you a per cabinet costs.

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