Single side material ?

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Dale Wills
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Single side material ?

Postby Dale Wills » Tue, Apr 19 2016, 8:08PM


I'm trying to machine a job in which I have nominated a door material that is 'single sided'. The face is glossy and the back is matt finish.
How come when I nest on both ecabs and at control nest the hinges for all my doors are being performed as a flip operation? This obviously is a huge hassle and is very inefficient machining.
There should be no reason why it can't machine my door hinges on the back of the material if I load the sheet with the good (glossy) face down. I did a test and changed the material in ecabs to 'not' single sided material and the problem was fixed (door outline and hinge holes machined at once). This tells me that ecabs and control nest expects you to load 'single sided material' onto the cnc with the good face being up then does a flip op to machine out the hinge holes. Am I correct here?

Given that the majority of the parts I am machining are either doors or cabinet end panels I will simply change the material in ecabs to 'not single sided' and then load the material with the good side down. The next problem lies with an open shelf cabinet of the same material that I would like machined out with all my doors. This cabinet I have nominated a 'material A side'. If I go with my above theory on how to get around my problem hinge problem, the dados and 50% tenons on my open shelf cabinet will be machined on the wrong side of the material resulting with the glossy side of the material being on the wrong side of the cabinet. Crikey I hope this makes sense....

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.


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Jeremy Schiffer
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Re: Single side material ?

Postby Jeremy Schiffer » Wed, Apr 20 2016, 1:07PM

While in the cabinet editor, right-click, and select "Edit Material A Side". This will allow you complete control over every cabinet part, and the subsequent machining sides. We use this method on all of our cabinets, especially to take care of the issue with the doors. But you'll find tons of other uses for it too...

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