Part editor on multiple sides of a cube?

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Part editor on multiple sides of a cube?

Postby Carmen Addamo » Sun, Jul 10 2016, 11:40AM

In it's simplest form I have a display cube. I want to apply part editor cuts to the face and also to the top. Is there any way to do so.

The project is a vanity with two towers. Between the towers sits an arched bridge (soffit). The bottom of the soffit will have a frame and panel effect. To create the f & p in the software I took a display cube created a 3/4" thick arched panel. No problem. Now I want to cut squares out of the center leaving only 4" rails and stiles. Part editor only allows me to access front/back view. I can't apply cuts to the top/bottom unless you guys know something I don't (hopefully).

It seems that I will be forced to create all individual arched rails and stiles and then create an assembly. Much more time consuming.

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