Option for corner cabinetry

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Carmen Addamo
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Option for corner cabinetry

Postby Carmen Addamo » Thu, Feb 09 2017, 7:58PM

What are some options for designing corner cabinets. Ecabs is just so restrictive when it comes to corners. No partitions, no stretchers. two quick examples are a base corner cab that I want to install deck sleepers. or an upper with no rear corner gap on the exterior design but I dont want a inside 90 degree corner on the interior, so I want to place an angled up/down stretcher. This is usually done to allow shelves to be removed from the cabinet after assembly.

Scott Marshburn
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Re: Option for corner cabinetry

Postby Scott Marshburn » Fri, Feb 10 2017, 5:18PM

Hi Carmen, You can add sleepers by selecting the left or right back along with the adjacent toe kick then add stretcher. As for up down stretchers, the only options are back stretchers these are created by selecting a back and add stretcher. you can change the grain direction as needed. However, you cannot rotate them. one option for the rotated stretcher would be to use a display part.
Hope this helps.
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