I think there are still some issues in the stretcher editor

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Donald Thomson
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I think there are still some issues in the stretcher editor

Postby Donald Thomson » Sat, Feb 11 2017, 4:09PM

On the current job I am doing, I've noticed that when I cut parts for cabinets, some of the stretchers are not getting tenons cut and no mortises are being cut in the cabinets sides.

I will bring a cabinet into stretcher editor, add and adjust stretchers and go back to CE. I will save the cabinet and go back to the room editor. Somewhere, and I don't know where it is happening, mortise and tenon joinery for one or two stretchers in a room of cabinets just disappears and stretchers with butt joints get cut. This happened to 3 stretchers in the current cabinet job.

I can't pinpoint when or where its happening, but it IS happening. Albeit, randomly. Maybe someone can give me some guidance on how to troubleshoot or narrow down this issue. Stretcher editor, cabinet editor, transition back to room editor when saving changes? I just don't know. But it is a surprise to get butt joints when parts are cut when you specified mortise and tenon joints when initially adding the stretchers.


Don Thomson
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Rick Deskins
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Re: I think there are still some issues in the stretcher editor

Postby Rick Deskins » Thu, Feb 16 2017, 8:11AM

Can you post the cabinet you are having trouble with?
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