Can't re-install E-cabinets...

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Can't re-install E-cabinets...

Postby markvan » Mon, Jul 09 2018, 6:42AM

I had E-cabinets installed on my D: drive. It failed, and now I am trying to re-install to my C: drive.
At the beginning of the installation process, I get 'Error 1327. Invalid Drive D:\'.

That drive no longer exists, I only have my c: drive for now. How can I get it to install to C:\Ecabinets\ ?
(I still have the Public Documents\Therwood\ directory on C: ) I imagine there is something in the registry that needs to be edited to force it to C: drive?
I would need very specific instructions to do that. Don't know any of the geeky stuff like that. :)


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