Feature request Ecabinets

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Thomas strembitsky
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Feature request Ecabinets

Postby Thomas strembitsky » Wed, Apr 17 2019, 1:06PM

Seeing as everyone else is doing I thought I would ask for something as well.
on the batch editor sidebar under adj, feature could we have a User Part name Button? You could select multiple cabinets and be able to rename multiple cabinet parts simultaneously which would save a lot of clicks. just throwing it out there
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Jesse Ogburn
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Re: Feature request Ecabinets

Postby Jesse Ogburn » Mon, Apr 22 2019, 7:16AM

This seems like a good idea to me as well, I second the appeal!

Tom Nienow
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Re: Feature request Ecabinets

Postby Tom Nienow » Fri, May 10 2019, 9:49AM

As long as we're asking for things, how about being able to change crown molding when in a room for all cabinets. Just a thought.

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