Unused Materials in Products

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Unused Materials in Products

Postby Daren LaBranche » Thu, Jul 25 2019, 1:05PM

Hey guys. I expect I'm not the only one who's seeing these issues regarding materials used in cabinets, but I can't find any other threads about them so here goes. Perhaps some of you have found a solution (or possibly a better workaround).

1) Sheet and banding materials, that don't appear to be in use in a cabinet, show up in the Global Item Modification list.
My typical workaround for this is to look for these materials in the cutlist report and physically on the cabinet (often after swapping it out with a high-viz colour so it can be easily spotted). Most often though, it can't be found, so I then swap it out with an actual material used in the cabinet so as to remove it from the list. Maybe a purge function could be added to remove unused materials from a cabinet? The following example is from a full-height door base cab that has a drawer box bottom material in it's list.
Dbx bottom mtl.jpg

2) Why do materials from outsourced items like doors and drawer boxes show up in the Global Item Modification list?
This doesn't make any sense to me, but as a workaround I've set doors and dbxs that are outsourced to use materials with self-explanatory names so they don't clutter my materials lists as much (PS. It would be nice to be able to sort list columns (common, basic computer functionality 20 years ago) by clicking on the header). Also, even if an outsourced door is setup to not have banding, whatever banding is in that filed will still show up in the Global Item Modification list.
Outsourced Door 01.jpg

3) Unable to swap out a banding listed with anything else.
Usually the above steps work, but I have this one sink base cabinet that just won't let me swap out the banding named '.PVC-02_1.0mm' with anything else. I can't find where it's being used, but in this case it also won't swap out. As you can see below, it's red and it seems to let me swap it out with a yellow one, but after it's done calculating and reporting that everything went OK, I go back into the Global Item Modification list and see that it remains unchanged. Because I haven't seen this with any of my other cabinets, I think something must be wrong with this one in EC somehow, but I don't know how to fix it.
Cab edging 01.jpg


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