any college football fans?

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who will win the mythical national championship?

auburn tigers
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fighting irish
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Postby gordonjackson » Fri, Jan 12 2007, 7:31PM

I guess I called that one. I should have put some money on it. It sure was nice to see the SEC teams put a spankin' on Ohio and the Irish.

Now, if the Saints can keep on playing like they have been... New Orleans has been so blessed to have this Saints team right now. It has really helped the psyche of our wonderful city. I passed a grade school in the city today and all the little kids were dressed in their black and gold.

It has been a pleasure to have players like Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Deuce, Joe Horn and Mike Mckinzie. Not just on the field but off. Drew Brees and Mike Mckinzie bought 300 bicycles and handed them out to disadvantaged kids for Christmas. Reggie and Deuce bought tractor trailer loads of food for the poor. Joe Horn takes poor and elderly people on shopping trips to Wal-Mart. All from their own pockets and no phony photo-ops. These guys did all this without even telling anyone.


Brian Rowland
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Postby Brian Rowland » Fri, Jan 12 2007, 10:00PM

Hey, that's great stuff Gordon, all we ever hear about is the NFL players who get in trouble with the law, or with substance abuse issues, or pathetic T.O. stories or something. The good guys out there just don't command the same ratings for the media. It's sad really.

You forgot to mention former OU Sooner all-american Jamaal Brown who seems to be having a nice career down there in the big easy. I hope he's one of the good guys.

I'm a HUGE college football fan, and I have become a real SEC fan in the last few years, it is far and away the best conference in the country, there really is no debate in my opinion. I think LSU should have finished number two behind florida, but the polls are pointless anyway. I also think the gators with urban meyer are going to dominate the conference in years to come.

My Sooners lost a brutal one to Boise State in the fiesta. I look at the gators as Boise State except with the best athletes in the country. I can't wait to see what Tebow does for the next three years with the mad scientists calling plays. Should be really fun.
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Joe Stone
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Postby Joe Stone » Wed, Jan 17 2007, 8:50AM

Mike and other Gators,

Great team, great individual players, great coaching!!!

Very deserving team and I must say I underestimated them as most did.

I hate Ohio State, but I have never seen Tressel get completely out coached like that. It almost makes we want to Cut Lloyd some slack for chocking it up again, and again, and again....... well not really!!!

I am glad the media was able to let go of the Michigan screwing after they got it handed to them and allowed those two teams to be the legitimate contenders for a real title. LSU is the only team that could question whether or not they could compete with those two teams... and they lost to Florida so I say case closed.

Overall I thought the bowl season was the best in many years. A lot of well coached teams playing hard against fairly even opponents. I don't love the system, but I can say they did a very good job of pairing these games for once.

Renewed college football fan,

Joe Stone
Joe Stone

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