Anoterh 'Material Not Found Error'

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Christopher Stapleton
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Anoterh 'Material Not Found Error'

Postby Christopher Stapleton » Wed, Dec 20 2006, 12:56PM


I am reposting this problem again in TOTAL FRUSTRATION this time. The drawings are due tonight. I just went to load the assemblies into the room editor and I got the error message noted again. It appears I have have to revert to yesterday mornings assembly file and repeat about 6 hours of work.

My material list is clean, there are no apparent errors with any other assemblies.

When I load the assembly, it appears in the background, but a Materail Not Found error dialog pops up. The doalog box is very unusual in that all the feilds are empty and the thickness is greyed out.

When I close the window, my assembly disappears and the cabinet editor is empty.

When I try to complete the dialog box by adding material, I cannot because the thickness feild is disbaled and software will not allow addition of a zero thikness part.

Contrary to the advice offered by the error message, It does not make any difference how i have my measurment display set (fraction, decimals or metric).

Let me know if anyone out there can open the file.
Any help out there?

Thanks I hope.
Puccio Base.esa
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Postby DanEpps » Wed, Dec 20 2006, 1:17PM

You might want to call Thermwood and speak to someone about this--try Jason or Scott.

Michael Rodgers
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Postby Michael Rodgers » Wed, Dec 20 2006, 2:07PM

I cant get it to download. I dont know much about ecabs but I'll try to help.

Forrest Chapman
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Postby Forrest Chapman » Wed, Dec 20 2006, 6:29PM


Can you please zip this file.


Christopher Stapleton
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Found the error

Postby Christopher Stapleton » Fri, Jan 05 2007, 11:35AM

A Thermwood team member was polite enough tompoint out that the error was betweent he chair and the keyboard.

The problem was likely realted to the fact that the directories \"drawer\" and \"drawer boxes\" are right nest to each other. I loaded a \"drawer\" which OF course we know is a drawer FRONT, not a drawer BOX.

For the beneift of the brain dead, like myself, it might be helpful to rename the directory from Drawer to Drawer Front in the next release.

Thanks for the help.

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