Me or a BUG?

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Me or a BUG?

Postby Rob Davis » Fri, Dec 22 2006, 1:24PM

On attached 51.5\" tall upper cabinet, when I put in an adjustable shelf and drillholes, It goes wacko.... wants to machine an hourglass pocket of 48\" long and 10\" wide (estimated). When I nest it in eCabs it shows these shapes. I wondered if it was graphics so I tried it on the machine and it tells me that there is no tool between 9.8\" and 4.3\" to make this pocket.

I am trying to make a tall upper with adj shelf. Deck and top are blind dado into sides and back and the back is full into the sides. I am using build 12 of V5 and I know I am behind at least one but I read all the troubles people were having so I am waiting for the all clear. So, did this get corrected in next build?

The base cabs machined no trouble. I am also having trouble with stray dados being machined for adjustable shelves where I want holes. (I get both).

Hopefully this is something easy since I am in the middle of this job. A fix for this would be a great Christmas present to me.
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Walker T Scott

Postby Walker T Scott » Fri, Dec 22 2006, 3:03PM


You have your dado thickness set to .5% change it to 50% for your deck and top and this will fix the cabinet. We are looking in to why the hourglass shape is showing up in nest.

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