Designing Panels

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Michael Billings
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Designing Panels

Postby Michael Billings » Tue, Dec 26 2006, 8:50AM

Can anyone tell my how to use this software to design panels such a wainscott or end panels? For instance, I have a six ft Island> I would like to finish the back with a finished panel, 6 ft long. This would be several panels and mid-styles. Sound easy enough huh? I cant for the life of me figure out how to do this with the software. The closest I can get is to make a six ft door and use it as a display part. However, how do you design a door with multiple mid-styles and panels? Im sure there is a way, I just cant find it in the manual. By the way, does anyone know if the printed manual sold by thermwood has more detail than the electronic one that comes with the software? I have found the help section to be lacking in detail. Anyone know?

Michael S Murray
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Postby Michael S Murray » Tue, Dec 26 2006, 9:29AM

Hey Mike,
Several different ways of accomplishing this. One way to do this would be to take a standard face frame cabinet, add your rails and stiles, adjust to correct size and then remove every thing except the face frame, you might even try to just move the back up and use it for your panel, or use a display panel for the back. Another way might be to create that face frame and then use inset doors for the panels.
Hope that gets you started,
Mike Murray
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