Web Frame Questions

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Michael Billings
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Web Frame Questions

Postby Michael Billings » Mon, Jan 01 2007, 4:26PM

Does anyone know how to incorporate web frames into a cabinet? I tried the stretcher editor and it won't seem to do what I am looking for.
First, I guess I should define what I think a web frame is. I think of a web frame as 4 members, say 3 inches wide, fastened together on the flat plane to make what looks like a simple picture frame (without the miter joints). I usually fasten with butt joints and pocket screws. The frame can be empty or have 1/4\" dust panels installed. This frame attatches to the cabinet sides as a fixed shelf would, either butt or dadoed.
Ok, so I go to the stretcher editor and I put stretchers from side to side at the front and the back. Then I try to put stretchers from the front stretcher to the back stretchers to complete the square frame. However, the software tells me that the parts (the front and back stretchers) are not compatible.
The only other place I can find anything about web frames is in the construction settings for the top. When I try make the top a web frame I only end up with the two side stretchers against the two sides. The stretchers from side to side are missing. Hmm. So I then went the stretcher editor again and tried to add stretchers between these two side stretchers and once again I am told the the parts are incompatible.
Also, In the little bit in the help manual about stretchers, It says that this can be used to do any kind of nailer or web frame. Well, lets say I want a nailer on my case side from front to back on a frameless cabinet. I cant figure out how to do this because in order to add a stretcher, you need to pick two parts for the stretcher to go between. With a frameless cabinet, a nailer on a side from front to back is not between two parts, just against a part. How do you do this?
Does anyone know how to accomplish this or can tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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Postby DanEpps » Mon, Jan 01 2007, 6:26PM

Here are links to several threads on the subject. The first one deals with dust panels and I think is exactly what you are looking for.

The others also have some good information in them.


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