Corner Cabinet Crasher (Attention Thermwood Guys)

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Joe Dusel
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Corner Cabinet Crasher (Attention Thermwood Guys)

Postby Joe Dusel » Tue, Jan 02 2007, 10:42PM

The attached cabinet is something I was mucking with to see if I could coax a corner cabinet into becoming an extended end cabinet. Apparently it didn't work, but the software still should not crash as soon as the Door Editor is opened.

By the way, I reduced the Right Front to 0\" using the associated up/down tabs. Putting in the number 0\" gives me the warning message that the software is not going to like that number.

RH blind Corner 2.hsf
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RH blind Corner 2.jpg
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Walker T Scott

Postby Walker T Scott » Wed, Jan 03 2007, 10:48AM

This was a slight over sight with the spin buttons which will be fixed. The right or left front can not be less or the same as the material thickness. If you are using a ¾ material you can type in .755 and it will accept it.

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