Aligning parts to a Counter top cutout

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Joe Murphy
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Aligning parts to a Counter top cutout

Postby Joe Murphy » Fri, Jan 05 2007, 3:55PM

I have a counter that I have notched the corner out of to fit around a wall.

I need to align an item to the end of the cutout however the alignment dots are attached to a wireframe representing the corner of the counter that was cut off.

Ids there a way to get the alignment points to attach to the new geometry?

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Mike Seisser
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Postby Mike Seisser » Fri, Jan 05 2007, 4:23PM


This one has always frustrated me, because the origin points don't change to reflect the visible shape. The offsets in the align function should do the trick, with some experimentation. (Before I learned this trick, I set my 'Move Increment' value to 1/64\" and nudged pieces into place with the arrow keys while zoomed in extremely close.)

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