HSF's end up looking weird...

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Lorin Holzbauer
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HSF's end up looking weird...

Postby Lorin Holzbauer » Sat, Jan 06 2007, 3:56PM

I'm running into an issue with display objects. the double sink from the supplied librarles in this example. When I place it into the job, it looks fine for a while. Then after changing views from overhead to wall, all of a sudden it ends up distorted, like it's from the Bazzaro world. It looks as though some of the vertexes that create the curves are being lost somewhere along the line.

I'm assuming it's something I'm doing, though this seems to happen from only changing views. Is this due to some misuse of the tool on my part? Is there a way to prevent or correct this distortion? Once it happens it seems that the only way to correct it is to replace the display object.

Any hints on this would be appreciated.
BizzaroSink.jpg (82.33 KiB) Viewed 1101 times

Joe Soto
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Postby Joe Soto » Sat, Jan 06 2007, 4:17PM

Sometimes they look like they fell off a truck. Try the enhanced view button, that should fix it.

Dickey Beckham
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Postby Dickey Beckham » Sat, Jan 06 2007, 4:22PM

I have had the same look on the sinks in cabinet/assemble editor but when you go the custom layout and do a presentation View it will came
out looking good.

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