Door creation question.

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Door creation question.

Postby Lorin Holzbauer » Mon, Jan 08 2007, 9:23AM

I have been trying to create a custom door in the door/drawer editor and I'm not having any success. The style of the door is basically a slab with a 3/8 rabbit on the edge facing the carcass, with a molding that has a positive profile attached to the face of the slab with the same rectangular shape as a panel. This is an old style door that my customer wants duplicated to match their existing cabinets. Is it possible to create a door of this design?

Right off I have to admit I'm new to using the door/drawer editor, but so far it seems from what I'm seeing that the options for door/drawer creation are limited to the selections available for each vendor. Is this correct, or am I missing something? I've looked at the help but what I found seemed to only walk me through creating doors from the available selections. Does Ecab provide the ability to create doors with custom profiles, or can you only modify doors using the edges and profiles supplied?

As always, thanks in advance...

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Postby Michael Yeargain » Mon, Jan 08 2007, 12:53PM


You do have limitations to some things with the door drawer editor. And you have seen one first hand. However, you can do an under cut bit in the shape manager by creating a profile that will provide this on the face frame side of the door. but to do the molding will take some time in the editor. First by placing a door the size you want, then placing the molding one at a time. You can copy and paste in the editor to limit the number of times you need to add molding. But, this is not going to give you a sizable door/drawer front.

There are a few doors in the door/drawer editor that will come close to this but again not exactly what you want I'm sure.

This door here can be made any color you want. And, like I said I'm sure it's not what you want. But close if you're into horse shoes... :wink:
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