Line Drawings

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Jeff Whippo
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Line Drawings

Postby Jeff Whippo » Tue, Jan 09 2007, 1:07PM


I'm new to the forum - been using the software for a week or so to design a kitchen. Have a question pertaining to ease of use. It seems that when I place cabinets in my room and then take one over to the line editor, that any future modifications to the cabinet (e.g. width changes) does not automatically update on the corresponding line drawing. I have to manually delete the old line drawing object and bring in a new copy from the cabinet just modiied. Is this normal operation?

I also find myself switching back and forth between line drawing and room because after I make the drawing and see the dimensions of everything, it uncovers design flaws on my part and I have to go pack to the room to change the cabinet. Is there any way to change the cabinet from the line drawing?


Christopher Stapleton
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Line Drawing

Postby Christopher Stapleton » Tue, Jan 09 2007, 4:47PM

None that I'm aware of.
I too seek amore efective way to make alterations that are easily updated in the line drawings, but I doubt that will be forthcoming any time soon.

One very good suggetsion from one of the more experienced (Hall or Epps I think) users was to adopt a pdf generator for line drawing output.

I really makes a nice difference.

I've been using Primo pdf on this recommendation and would love it if e-cabinets would output to the acrobat e-book format instead of each page haveing to be treated as a seperate file.

Another idea that would really help the line drawing editor would be the abiliity to reorder pages (in addition to adding, deleting and renaming.


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