edge banding

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justin mason
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edge banding

Postby justin mason » Wed, Jan 17 2007, 11:41PM

the stickers printed for each part when using the router:
I recently cut a euro job with 3mm edgebanding, so every part (except backs ) had to be banded.... the problem is that the sticker did not print for each part where to band. I had to sort the whole pile and mark each side.. the cut list I exported to excel, and it related wich part and where to edgeband. the router is not mine, is the something in the softwere I missed or does the router man need to be aware and set up correctly?
wow alot of explaining, (I'm still young)please help and thank ypu in advance.
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Pete Riddle

edge banding

Postby Pete Riddle » Fri, Jan 19 2007, 11:28AM

Did the sticker not print for the edge banding or, di the just print a black spot? I believe the current version of Control Nesting solves this problem.

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