Constraint manager Bug?

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Chris Say
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Constraint manager Bug?

Postby Chris Say » Fri, Jan 19 2007, 2:13PM

I have this door that I need three hinge holes in. I need it to be \"sizeable\". There is no combination of constraints that I've tried that will allow me to size the door in length and width. I had this part in build 11 working and now in build 12 it doesn't. I've also had another problem with the constraints in another post. Can anyone figure this out?
Door 3 Hole 2L2W.hsf
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Justin D Melhiser

Postby Justin D Melhiser » Fri, Jan 19 2007, 2:55PM


My name is Justin and I am going to look into this file and I will get back with you as soon as I have an answer for you. Thank you.

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