A BIG Thank You -- Calmark Cabinets --

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Wally Schneeberger
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A BIG Thank You -- Calmark Cabinets --

Postby Wally Schneeberger » Wed, Jan 24 2007, 7:04PM

I would just like to say a big thank you to Calmark cabinets in Calgary AB Canada. I just completed a job for a friend that had to be installed in Invermere BC. Calmark machined all the cabinets (35) complete with drawers (40) and everything fit like a glove. 35 sheets of melamine was used. Rob was great to work with and it showed in the completed product. He sent me a few of his batch cabinets, the way that he builds them, and I proceeded to send the order back 3-4 times, until it was right. I added the doors and facings and my buddy was thrilled with the outcome. It now awaits templating for granite counter tops. There was 3 baths, a desk, a mud room, a pantry, an island and the kitchen all together. here is a link to the slide show that has a few of the pics from the job.
http://s3.photobucket.com/albums/y57/Wa ... 682657.pbw

Michael Van Meter
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Postby Michael Van Meter » Thu, Jan 25 2007, 2:53AM

Hi Wally,
It is nice to hear about good experiances. I have called a local So. Cal shop that lists production sharing on the site and have yet to hear back from them after 3 calls and 3 weeks... perhaps they are still on Christmas break...? Nice project and design... are the finished ends of your cabs laminate or veneer?

Wally Schneeberger
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Postby Wally Schneeberger » Thu, Jan 25 2007, 10:35AM

The end gables are all done with alder veneer. They have yet to be lacquered to match the doors.

Rob Frenette
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Postby Rob Frenette » Thu, Jan 25 2007, 11:18AM

Hi Wally

Thanks For the complement. Great that everything worked out. Great looking job. Its always a pleasure to work with cabinetmakers that have pride in their work. We try to do the best we can for our customers and help them take their business the the next level.

Hi Michael

Give us a call sometime maybe we can help you out. We ship everywhere
403-276-7399 email : calmark@nucleus.com
Rob Frenette

Calmark Cabinetry & Woodwork Ltd
Specializing in CNC Machining & Edgebanding

Rob Davis
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Postby Rob Davis » Thu, Jan 25 2007, 5:26PM

We'll be glad to see if we could help as well. We production share on our CS40 every day.
Rob Davis
Spiceland Wood Products

David Norton
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Postby David Norton » Fri, Jan 26 2007, 8:03PM

All in all a very sweet job & slide show Wally ,thx for taking us on the ride with you!
Dave Norton

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Brad McIntosh
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-- Calmark Cabinets --

Postby Brad McIntosh » Sun, Jan 28 2007, 9:35AM

Way to Go Rob! You know you've done a good job when someone takes the time a make a \"Thank You\" posting. It's always great to hear some praise for one of our Canadian clients and friends.

Cheers to Wally too. Nice job.

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