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Jonathan Lester
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Postby Jonathan Lester » Mon, Jan 29 2007, 5:05PM

hello yet again
I am trying to design a custom range hood. I manage to get the shape I need just fine using display panels and the part editor but when i ry to put moulding on it out of the conestoga catalogue I run into an issue. The moulding editor wont allow me to bring a display panel into the editor. So I tried making it out of a cabinet and just deleting the parts I dont need leaving me with the back, top and 2 sides. I cut the shape needed out of the back anf then go into the moulding editor but it wont let me put crown on the back of a cabinet.(which is kind of what I suspected but figured worth a shoot) anyways I'm pulling my hair out over this so help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again ecab gods.

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Postby DanEpps » Mon, Jan 29 2007, 5:16PM

You will have to add each piece of molding manually.

With your hood in the Cabinet Editor click the Add Item icon like you are going to open another cabinet. In the dialog that is diaplsyed click the Moldings radio button.

You will have to specify the length and miters for end that are not 90 degrees. Once you have the molding in the Cabinet Editor just move it into place like you would a display panel or board.

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