Door/Drawer settings

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Michael Van Meter
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Door/Drawer settings

Postby Michael Van Meter » Fri, Feb 02 2007, 3:10AM

Hi Yall...I need your help again....
When placing doors and drawers in the D/D editor the default settings are displayed each time you place a door or drawer. These settings can be changed just prior to placing the item in the selected opening. Is there a way to view the \"custom\" or modified settings you might have made for a particular door or drawer??? Seems that if i make a slight mistake I have to delet the door/drawer and start again and some times I am unable to recall just what overlay I had input for a particular side...

all your help is greatly appreciated

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Postby DanEpps » Fri, Feb 02 2007, 6:37AM

If I'm understanding correctly, you can select the door that has the correct settings and go into construction settings (in the door editor).

The easiest thing to do is make your changes in construction settings before you add the doors. That will set the default settings to what you need for every door.

After getting things \"just right\" on one door, go into construction settings from the main workspace and change the settings for Add Door/Drawer. Now all doors added to that cabinet will have the same settings.

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