mouse tracking

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James L Aldrich
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mouse tracking

Postby James L Aldrich » Sat, Feb 03 2007, 11:30AM

What am I doing wrong?
When placing cabinets in \"DETAIL ROOM\" by dragging with the mouse, it leaves green tracks wherever it moves until placed. The tracks can be removed with the \"Esc\" key. If I then click \"Done\" and reenter\"Detail Room\",I can now select the cabinet that I just placed and move it without the tracks.

Is this something that I am doing wrong, or is it a problem with my system configuration or possibly a e-cabinet bug?

Michael Yeargain
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Postby Michael Yeargain » Sat, Feb 03 2007, 11:50AM

Try adjusting the Hardware acceleration from the desktop properties dialog. To get there right click on the desk top and choose properties then settings and depending on your video card it should be the advance button at the bottom of the dialog.
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Brian Rowland
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Postby Brian Rowland » Sat, Feb 03 2007, 12:09PM

I dealt with this when I first starting using the software. I had integrated graphics on my computer, I installed a graphics card and it solved the problem.

For now, I would suggest placing the item, then hitting the esc key and moving it using the arrows and move increment.
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James L Aldrich
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mouse tracks

Postby James L Aldrich » Sun, Feb 04 2007, 1:18PM

Thanks Mike and Brian. It appears that I might have a graphics card problem.

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