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Joe Murphy
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Default Drawer,Door

Postby Joe Murphy » Tue, Feb 06 2007, 1:27PM

I use a connestoga CRP-10 most of the time but cant seem to set it as tthe default. A flat slab door keeps becoming the default. What am I doing wrong?
Joseph Murphy
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Justin D Melhiser

Postby Justin D Melhiser » Tue, Feb 06 2007, 1:39PM


When you select the door that you want to use, there should be a tab at the bottom of the screen in the center that says set as default. Make sure you click that \" set as default\" before you select ok.

Rick Deskins
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Postby Rick Deskins » Tue, Feb 06 2007, 1:45PM

The standard cabinets have the default door/drawer as slab, and you can not change the cabinets in the standard cabinet directory. However, you can load a standard cabinet and set the default door/drawer as crp-10 and then save the cabinet as a new seed cabinet. when you load this new seed cabinet, you will have the default door/drawer set as crp-10.
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Postby DanEpps » Tue, Feb 06 2007, 3:54PM


Just to clarify a little further for you, defaults belong to the cabinet instead of the software. This is what allows you to create libraries of seed cabinets with different construction methods and defaults such as materials, doors, drawers and hardware.

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